Class IV Laser Treatment

The FDA-approved deep tissue laser treatment works by increasing the circulation in the pain-affected area while energizing damaged cells. Your own body aids in the healing process. Inflammation is reduced and pain relief comes quickly. Each treatment only take a few minutes and the therapeutic results continue after you leave our office. At the conclusion of a pre-determined treatment protocol, pain relief is often permanent.

Deep Tissue Laser Treatment is painless. You’ll only feel a mild, gentle warmth as your body’s cells respond to the light.


Most of us who suffer with pain want safe, drug-free pain relief. Yet, we keep running after pain-relief methods that simply mask the pain, usually through the use of medications. Or, we opt for surgery that creates additional discomfort during an extended healing process.

If you’re tired of living with pain, you could be a candidate for Deep Tissue Laser Treatment, the non-surgical option that can dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, your pain.

You can change your life!

Without surgery or the use of medications, you have the potential of alleviating, or eliminating, severe and chronic pain and expediting the healing process.