LipoLaser Patient Experience

My Experience..Geri
“I lost 7.5″ combined around my waist area …and have gone down 2 pant sizes!”
“I am so glad I get to share my experience that I’ve had here at the Laser Body Works..”



My Experience…Suzanne
“After 8 visits to LBW, my doctor could not believe that I had lost 4 pounds and gained two pounds of muscle mass!”



My Experience..Cindy
“I just completed 6 of 9 sessions of Lipo Laser and i am so encouraged and so excited…In yoga class i would look at the side mirror and i would see a different form – a smaller form!”



My Experience..Gene
“In two weeks I’ve lost just under 5 inches, combined in three areas. I’m very pleased with the results so far…I highly recommend it to get those inches off. It’s definitely worked for me.”



My Experience..Ben
“I’ve just finished my 5th treatment and am very happy with what’s been happening… In 5 short visits I have lost a considerable amount of weight plus inches around my stomach.”



My Experience..Jennie
I’ve been coming to lbw for so far 16 session and I really noticed a huge difference…I’ve notice a huge improvement that now I have a lot more of a shape in my back and that also it’s not a problem to bend over and there’s a big difference in my pants and have to wear a belt to keep them up!



My Experience..Eloise
“This is my 3rd visit and I’ve already lost 4 inches all over. I’m just amazed at the difference in how I feel! The staff is amazing and I highly recommend it.”



My Experience..Jan
It works! I’ve been coming for 7 sessions for my midsection. This shirt used to be full and now you can see by looking at me, it’s loose now. I’ve been looking for the right treatment that is not invasive and this simply is relaxing, It is an experience you can simply do for yourself. A big bonus is my lower back pain is now gone!



My Experience..June
“My name is June and I just finished up my second set of 9 sessions and I feel fantastic! I notice a difference in the way I move, I’m losing the inches and that’s great!”