For LipoLaser:


“The lipo laser has made a significant difference in my life, body, and well-being. I have always had a reasonably consistent exercise regimen and a sound diet. Growing up, I was a size 9, but when I hit my mid-20’s, my metabolism slowed drastically and I found myself wearing a size 6! Thanks to 12 laser treatments, I am wearing my size 0 pants again, I’m ecstatic! I also now have the flexibility to indulge in a delicious meal or enjoy a dessert from time to time.”


Israel A. of Newport Beach lost 12lbs and his waist line went from a 38 waist to a 34 in the 12 session protocol.



“No more muffin tops!! I can’t believe after 5 treatments I lost so much. I could have never done this in he gym in such a short time. It’s an amazing product!!”



“I lost (4) four inches in my stomach on my first Lapex BCS (LipoLaser) session! I have gone down (2) two pant sizes since starting.”



“Best thing I ever invested in for myself! I love the results.”



“I had to buy 2 new pairs of pants because mine were literally falling off. I went from a size 18 plus to a 16 petite! That’s 3 sizes!”


For LiteCure Pain Laser

Jason B.

I started treatments with Deep Tissue Laser after I had injured my neck in a car accident. The treatments allowed me to return to work much more quickly than anyone had expected, considering the pain I was in. During the treatments, all I felt was a warming sensation as the laser was moved across the injured area where all my pain was. After just three short treatments, my pain was almost totally gone. Thanks, Doctor!


Jennifer C.

I had been suffering from low back pain for many months before I tried laser treatments using Deep Tissue Laser. After a couple treatments, my back pain was reduced to the point where I can finally live a more normal life again. These treatments are simply remarkable!


Verlaine V. – (TMJ & Headaches)

Anaheim, CA

After 14 years of suffering from TMJ, I had grown accustomed to and suffered through chronic headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and upset stomachs. But when it came to the point where I could barely open my mouth wide enough to eat and I was experiencing intense shooting pains in my right ear, I didn’t know what to do. I had seen several doctors with no solutions or help. I recently went to an appointment with a good friend of mine who also has TMJ and Carpal Tunnel. While waiting for my friend, I began to express how painful my TMJ was to Dr. Digrado. He said that he gets long term to permanent results with him TMJ and headache patients with his laser treatments. So having nothing to lose I had a treatment. I was amazed after the first visit I had significant reduction in pain and my jaw stopped popping out of joint just in the first session. Plus my headache was gone. This was the first time in 14 years I had no pain due to my TMJ or headaches. I have already had a total of 6 treatments now and I am pain free and my TMJ and headaches have not come back. The laser treatment has been life changing, thank you Dr. Digrado for all your help.


John M.

The Deep Tissue Laser treatments I received dramatically helped my recovery from a broken leg. Not only did it help reduce the swelling the pain relief I experienced was nothing short of miraculous. My orthopedic doctor was amazed with the results.


Simone S.

“Dr. Mike Digrado’s laser treatment has had terrific results on my neck injuries due to a head on collision last February. I started treatment 2 days after my accident with manipulations and physical therapy. Six months later I was back to 80% mobility and am relatively pain free. Last month he began laser treatment every few days for a period of over a few weeks. Results are Incredible! Now I feel 100% better due to the laser treatments. Feeling great! The heat that radiates on the area is so soothing-another plus. Thank you Dr. Digrado for putting me back together again pain free!!”



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