Lapex 2000 BCS LipoLaser:

What is the LipoLaser & the Lapex 2000?
A Lipo Laser is a non-invasive laser device that successfully reduces fat by delivering safe low level laser energy to treat any area of the body. The Lapex 2000 is the industry’s most successful and only laser to use paddles that target key areas to penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous layer giving maximum treatmen results.


How does it work?
Through clinical studies it has been demonstrated that a low level LipoLaser stimulates the fat cell to emulsify (liquefy) the fat within the cell. Then the liquefied fat moves from inside the cell through a temporary pore formed in the cell membrane to outside the cell where it is in the interstitial space until absorbed by the lymphatic system. This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced off the waist, hips and thighs. The fat cells are not injured in any way by this process.


How much fat is released from a standard Lapex BCS treatment?
A standard treatment will release about 40-60 grams of fat per treatment.


What can I expect at my appointments?
The treatment is completely painless & you can expect to relax. There is no heat or any sensation whatsoever while being treated. This is a symptom –free process except for losing unwanted inches.

How is it different than liposuction?
Liposuction is an invasive procedure that removes the entire area of fat cells from deposits beneath the skin using a hollow stainless steel tube (called a cannula) with the assistance of a powerful vacuum. Liposuction can be accomplished either with the use of general anesthesia, or with IV sedation, or totally by local anesthesia. In contrast, our treatment is a 100% non-invasive that uses a low level laser applied externally to stimulate the fat cell and emulsify and release fat. There is no use of anesthesia, nor any pain, gels, creams, numbing agents, needles and no downtime.


Question: How deep into tissue can a laser penetrate?
The depth of penetration of laser light depends on many parameters such as the laser’s wavelength, power, type of device driver (pulse or continuous wave mode), and the technique used. Our technology covers all these variables to produce the optimal effect.

Is there any downtime?
Absolutely ZERO downtime. During the treatment you will feel no discomfort, no anesthesia will be used and you can assume normal activities immediately following each treatment.

Are there any limitations to what I can do if I’m using a LipoLaser?
No. During the treatment period you can continue your normal activities. It is strongly recommended that you commit to and follow the treatment protocol: stay hydrated (8-10 glasses of water a day), continue to eat healthy and exercise (walk at least 30 minutes a day) and abstain from alcohol and caffeine. Alcohol and caffeine interfere with the lymphatic process to remove fat and metabolize it which can decrease your results.

What areas of the body can I use a LipoLaser on?
The treatment can be used effectively on essentially every part of the body where localized fat deposits exist that are resistant to diet and exercise. Most patients start with treating the waist, hips and thighs which can all be targeted in 1 treatment. Other areas include upper arms, bra-line fat, inner knees, back fat and buttocks.


What does post vibration platform exercise do?
The underlying mechanism with whole body vibration is elicitation of muscular activity. The effects include increased blood flow, oxygenation and heat with release of hormone responses comparable to that found after resistance type exercise.
Vibration exercise elicits a mild cardiovascular activity, and muscular mechanisms of fatigue, requiring energy.
While fat, in the form of Fatty Acids, is a very desirable energy source, it is dependent on the presence of oxygen to be useful.

Whole Body Vibration acts in two ways:
a) Stimulates muscles, which creates the need for energy. Free Fatty Acids are released by Lapex BCS which combine with oxygen and produce the energy needed for these muscles.
b) In circumstances where the energy is required by the body more quickly than oxygen can be delivered to the required location, the body will switch to its less energy efficient anaerobic system. When the body is using one of its anaerobic energy systems, it cannot utilize Free Fatty Acids, but it will simply generate less energy with a resulting greater depletion rate of glucose. This glucose is obtained from the released Glycerol and its conversion in liver.

A total length of 10 minutes on the Whole Body Vibration (exercise application) is equivalent to length and intensity of training stimulus that can be reached by performing 150 times leg press or half squat exercises with extra loads of 3 body mass twice a week for 5 weeks.


How many calories are burned in a 10 minutes session?
A 10 minute Whole Body Vibration session could yield significant calorie loss. This could increase with intensifying the activity while on the machine.


Is it covered by insurance?

No, treatments are considered elective and are not covered by insurance.

Is it safe?
Yes, there is no risk involved in using the low-level laser therapy and it is considered a safe alternative to invasive procedures such as tumescent liposuction and lipo dissolve and other non-invasive devices like the Accent, VelaShape, and Thermage, which rely on heating the tissue and can cause discomfort. With the Lapex BCS, there is proven data showing how fat cell size is reduced. The treatment is 100% non-invasive and causes no bruising, scaring and zero downtime. During the treatment you will feel no discomfort, no anesthesia will be used and you can assume normal activities immediately following each treatment.

Is it safe if I have a medical condition such as diabetes?
Yes, with two exceptions. If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, Lipo Laser procedures should not be used. Additionally, if you have a pacemaker, this treatment may not be for you. There are no known detrimental risks but potential unknown risks may exist. Lipo sculpture may not be as effective on patients with diabetes or thyroid disorders where the metabolic system is potentially impaired.

Are there any side affects?
A. No. The treatment process is completely non-invasive and there are absolutely no side effects beyond loss of inches and fat.

Is it effective?
Yes, with the treatment and by following the recommended guidelines for success, Laser Body Works has experienced higher success rates & satisfaction reported over their previous Zerona Laser treatments.

How long do results last?
By maintaining a healthy diet and exercise you can expect long-term results. This is especially ideal for 2 types of people: those that are already following a healthy diet and lifestyle and want to remove localized pockets of fat or drop body fat % OR those who want to use the Lapex 2000 and the recommended lifestyle protocol to “jump start” their slimming efforts as motivation for maintaining a healthier and slimmer lifestyle.

Can I do the procedure multiple times? And how soon after my last treatment can I do a second treatment?
Yes, with additional treatments you can expect to see improved results. You can start an additional series of treatments immediately following your last treatment. Speak to your technician or physician for more details.

How soon after pregnancy can I do it?
It is recommended that you wait until after your last postpartum visit with your doctor (usually 6 weeks after birth) to begin your treatment. It is not recommended if you are breast feeding.

Does LLLT (Lapex BCS) emit heat?
Low Level Laser Therapy is a light source treatment that generates light of a signal wavelength. Low Level Laser Therapy emits no heat, sound, or vibration. Instead of producing a thermal effect, Low Level Laser Therapy acts via nonthermal or photochemical reactions in the cells, also referred to as photobiological or biostimulatory.

Question: What happens when Low Level Lasers (Lapex BCS) hits the subcutaneous fatty tissue (adipocytes)?
A low-power laser of the semiconductor Diode type, with a 658-nm wavelength, is able to disrupt the external membrane of the fat cell, inducing liposys.
After 4 minutes of laser exposure, 80% of the fat is released from the adipose cells; at 6 minutes of laser exposure, 99% of the fat is released from the adipocyte. The released fat is then collected in the interstitial space.


What is released when an adipocyte is irradiated with Low Level Laser?
Water, Glycerol and Free Fatty Acid (FFA).


Is everyone a good candidate for the treatment?

Most are good candidates. Even people who are not overweight can lose inches. Be sure to discuss your health background with your physician and ask any questions about your particular areas of concern.


When can I expect to see the results?
Sometimes results are seen almost immediately. Typically the results are seen up to about one week after completion of your Lapex 2000 Laser treatment. However, in rare cases, some individuals may not experience weight loss at all. Our physician will assess any potential metabolic detriments to your success and fully inform you of any concerns.


Why take my measurements?
To be able to gauge your progress, we take your measurements before & after the procedures. Even if you are just targeting one area of your body, we still take your full measurements because other non-targeted areas are often affected by the treatments.