Patient Experience

“Dr. Digrado’s laser treatment has had terrific results on my neck injuries due to a head on collision last February. I started treatments two days after my accident with manipulations and physical therapy. Six months later I was back to 80% mobility and am relatively pain free. Last month he began laser treatment every few days for a period of over a few weeks. Results are INCREDIBLE! Now I feel 100% better due to the laser treatments. Feeling Great! The heat that radiates on the area is so soothing – another plus. Thank you Dr. Digrado for putting me back together again pain free!!”
Simone S. – Newport Beach, CA

“I am still amazed at the relief I have experienced from the laser treatments that Dr. Digrado and his staff have performed on my neck and low back. Starting out with only a few minutes of laser directly on my painful areas and now incorporating spinal decompression along with the laser WOW!”
Sophia K. – Newport Beach, CA

“For about 8 years I have had sciatic and low back pain that goes down my leg and because of it I am always in pain. I came to Dr. Digrado’s office for his complimentary treatment and consultation and I was amazed of how my pain level went from a constant 8 to a 5 in just one treatment. No surgery, no drugs and after a series of treatments I’m now pain free! I would recommend this to anyone suffering in pain.”
Israel A. – Newport Beach, CA